Boiler Pressure Test in waste to energy plant in Oostende

The official part of the boiler pressure test of the waste to energy plant on basis of RDF took place on December 04th. The unofficial part was completed within the overall contractual project schedule on November 07th. 

The power plant has a fuel capacity of 70 MW and an electrical output of 17 MW. RDF will be used as fuel. Hot commissioning will start according to schedule in Mai 2009. Supplier of the plant technology is Baumgarte Boiler Systems (BBS). For the official part, the steam drum was stamped by Peter Goderis (Director Engineering, Construction & Operations), TÜV Rheinland, Mr. Böwe as Director of BBS as well as Luc Lievens, the future Plant Manager.

Just before stamping the steam drum (f.l.t.r.): Jörg Klasen (Directot Standardkessel and BBS), Poul Desender (Partner and Director of Electrawinds), Major of Oostende, Luc Lievens (Plant Manager Electrawinds), Jörg Böwe (Director BBS).
Stamping of steam drum by Peter Goderis (Director Engineering, Construction & Operations Electrawinds)