Torrefaction: Dr. Döring is member of the advisory board on the project SECTOR

SECTOR (Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of TORrefaction) is a largescale

European project with a strong consortium of 21 partners from industry and science. The project is

focussed on the further development of torrefaction-based technologies for the production of solid bioenergy

carriers up to pilot-plant scale and beyond, and on supporting the market introduction of torrefaction-based

bioenergy carriers as a commodity renewable solid fuel. In this way, the SECTOR project is expected to

shorten the time-to-market of torrefaction technology and to promote market introduction within stringent

sustainability boundary conditions. The European Union provides funding for this project which is

coordinated by DBFZ within the Seventh Framework Programme. The project started in January 2012 and

has a duration of 42 months.