Technical and commercial valuation of Existing Installations

technical valuation 1For existing installations, the asset value or material price (in the case of decommissioned installations) is usually used as the standard value. As this representation of value is very much characterised by corporate policy and can be calculated using a variety of methods, the actual value and the asset/material value are rarely the same.

Furthermore, the asset value does not take the current market situation into account. This includes, for example, delivery times for new installations, material values and new developments. This means that exemplary power stations built some time ago can still have a considerable actual value, despite a low asset/material value.



technical valuation 2The technical condition of an installation has, by nature, a great deal of influence on its value. An accurate appraisal is therefore essential in determining its value. Endoscopies and non-destructive crack tests are part of standard procedure here.