Technical and commercial control

Precise analysis of operational parameters is necessary for the successful technical and commercial operation of a power station.

We perform the following tasks for investors and financial institutions:

  • Plant performance
    • warranty
    • production of electricity
    • own consumption e.g. fuel, electricity, additives
  • trend analysis
  • installation optimisation
  • adherence to licensing conditions and environmental regulations
  • claim management
  • business plan target/performance comparison each month and quarter
  • crosschecking and approval procedures
  • documentation approval
  • creation of specifi c performance and acceptance test procedures
  • planning of maintenance work

The approval and evaluation of all operational parameters makes it possible to identify negative trends quickly and to take prompt corrective measures. This detailed interpretation does not only provide a technical overview, but also constantly analyses the surrounding economic conditions.

This analysis and control of operational parameters therefore provides, alongside documentation, long-term protection for investments.